Video: Justin Bieber mobbed by rabid teenage fans

Justin Bieber thought he was being slick by hanging out on his Segway in Glendale, Arizona yesterday. Little did he know, that there were tons of nefarious teenagers converging upon him at lightning speed.

He tried to make his getaway, but the girls mobbed him. Did he think that Segway could outmotor 800 rapid 12-year-olds?

From the video’s description:

Justin Bieber came out on a Segway and was riding around the Westgate marketplace in Glendale AZ, next to Jobing Arena. This was around 6:30 and his concert was to begin at 7. I could not believe he was by himself-with another friend far behind. No security. He almost got trampled. I dropped the F bomb in disbelief at his “bravery”. Anyway, glad I went!

Like, ZOMG YOU GUISE, HE IS SO BRAVE! Someone please shoot me now. Like we’ve said, we’re not fans, but when he gets mobbed like this, you’ve gotta laugh!

Thanks Mark!!

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