Vivid Entertainment is trying to buy Kendra Wilkinson’s lesbian sex tape

Vivid Entertainment is trying to buy Kendra Wilkinson's lesbian sex tape

Kendra Wilkinson knows the obvious path to riches! Make a sex tape (or two) and then sell it to the porn peddlers, in this case Vivid Entertainment and then act all embarrassed in the public eye — and then cash that check!

It all worked out well with her first sex tape and now we’re hearing reports that Vivid Entertainment can’t wait to get their hands on this footage! Of course they can’t! They know how the money cycle works.

Since it was publicized that Kendra made a lesbian sex tape, the porn peddlers are down to get ahold of the tape. Vivid head honcho Steven Hirsch said, “After our great success with Kendra Wilkinson Exposed, of course we’re interested in distributing another Kendra sex tape. We look forward to speaking to the owner of the tape and making a deal ASAP.”

Remember, before she comes out and says that she’s embarrassed by the tape or is shocked that it got out, Vivid wouldn’t legally be able to release it without her consent.

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