The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Recap: ’30 Days Without An Accident’

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Recap: '30 Days Without An Accident'

The Walking Dead’s season four premiere, titled 30 Days Without An Accident opened with Rick farming the land, listening to music, while a horde of walkers are kept at bay on the other side of the fence. Afterward, we learn that Rick didn’t wake Carl up because he knew he was up all night reading comic books. Things seem serene at the prison and they all seem as if they can have a real life there.

Carl named one of the pigs Violet, but is warned away from that by his father, who refers to them now as food. Later, we see Carol and Daryl having a conversation about the people at the fence stabbing the walkers in their faces. She calls him “Pookie” — does that mean that they are officially an item now? If so, it’s about time.

We cut to Glenn and Maggie in their cell and he’s encouraging her to stay home from the run today and she finally relents. Tyrese and Karen also share a kiss after he tells her that he won’t kill the walkers at the gates.

Beth’s boyfriend Zach goes in for a kiss with her, but she won’t even say goodbye to him before he goes on the run. It was nice knowing you, Zach. Bob wants to go out for the run, as well, but Sasha isn’t feeling it. She decides that he could come in handy because he was an Army medic and he’s allowed to go on the run to earn his keep. Is it curtains for him, as well?

Michonne returns from a run on her horse to bring back some comic books for Carl. She tells Daryl that she didn’t find “him”. Is she looking for Merle to have a proper burial? Or perhaps the Governor so that they can take him out once and for all?

Hershel tells Rick that the council has met and for his safety, they want him to start carrying a gun whenever he leaves the prison. Outside of the prison, he has his gun and comes upon a woman of whom he almost passed up as a walker. She asks if he has a camp nearby because she and her husband aren’t doing very well on their own. After swiping her knife, he gives it back to her and follows her to meet her husband.

The show cuts to the supply run and the guys think that the supermarket is all cleared out. It is, except for the helicopter and walkers on the roof.

Back to Rick and his new friend… She explains that she and her husband were on their way to their honeymoon, but there was no connecting flight. She says that she couldn’t have survived if it weren’t for her husband.

At the supermarket, Bob was fiddling with some wine, but put the bottle back. Unfortunately for them, that caused the shelf to break apart and fall on top of him. This alerts the roof walkers and they start falling through the ceiling. Bob gets rescued and Zach gets eaten by the walkers. It was good knowing you, kid.

At the lady’s camp, she turns on Rick with her knife so that she can feed him to her walker husband’s head/half-body. When he doesn’t fall for it, she takes the knife and stabs herself so that she can join him.

At the prison, Carl goes to check out what the storytime is all about, only to find that Carol is actually teaching the kids how to defend themselves against walkers with knifes. Patrick leaves the area because he’s feeling sick — and he dies in the shower area. WTF?

Upon his return, Glenn tells Maggie about Zach’s death and she tells him that she isn’t pregnant. She says that they could make a life there if they wanted to and she doesn’t want to be afraid of being alive anymore.

Afterward, Daryl goes to tell Beth about Zach and she takes it quite well. She’s over that whole crying thing. She flips her “30 days without an accident” sign back to 0 and goes on about her business.

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