Was the Kanye West/Taylor Swift kerfuffle planned?

90913A2_WEST_K_B-GR_01Kanye West really stole a special moment for Taylor Swift, but there are rumors surfacing now that this was all part of the act.

Reportedly, MTV wanted Jay-Z to perform for the VMAs, and he said that he would — under one condition: they would have to let Beyonce perform and make her look good. Didn’t you walk away from the awards show thinking that Beyonce was a total class act? Hmmmm….

A supposed Jay-Z employee said this:

This was all a huge publicity stunt set up by Jay-Z. MTV wanted him to perform at the end of the show and he said on one condition – they gave Beyonce a performance and made her look good. And so, the whole Taylor Swift fiasco was born. Jay called up Kanye and asked him to do it for him because Kanye doesn’t mind being seen as a jackass and it’d be believable if he did it. So when Beyonce let Taylor finish her speech instead of making her own speech, everyone thought “Wow, Beyonce really is a class act!” and Jay-Z finished off the show with his performance.

We all thought that Sacha Baron Cohen’s butt flying into Eminem’s face was real for a minute, too, didn’t we? Kanye would’ve been an easy target for this nonsense, the guy walked into the awards show with a bottle.

What do you think? Does Hov have that much pull?

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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