WATCH: True Blood’s Bonus Scene (VIDEO)

WATCH: True Blood's Bonus Scene (VIDEO)

On HBO on Sunday night was the season five finale of “True Blood”. In case you’ve missed “Save Yourself”, you can read our full recap here. Needless to say, it was a true blood bath.

For those who watched the show on their Ipads or HBO-Go, they were treated to a bonus scene. You can watch it right here at Earsucker, below:

In this scene, Jason is on his way through the Authority headquarters taking out any vampire in sight. Of course, Jason is being egged on by the ghosts of his parents. Jason is cocked and ready to go, until his parents suggest that he start with the four vampires in the elevator. He’s being accompanied by Pam, Tara, Jessica and Nora.

Tara urges Pam not to get herself killed because they have a date. Meanwhile, Jason’s dad is super proud of him for taking out eleven “soulless vampires” already. His dad wants him to take out Warlow and when he mentions it under his breath, Nora asks what he knows about Warlow. Does she know him at all? She sounds familiar with his name. Is it someone we’ve already met through the show?

What did you think about Sunday’s season finale of the show?

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