Weeds’ Recap: 8/12 – Season 8, Episode 7 ‘Unfreeze’

Weeds' Recap: 8/12 – Season, 8, Episode 7 'Unfreeze'

Last week on Showtime’s “Weeds”, Jill dropped a huge bomb on Andy and Doug — she’s definitely pregnant. It wouldn’t be such a problem if she (or they) knew who the father is. In the meantime, Nancy goes on a job search and trades sleepovers for a favor. In the end, she lands herself and Silas a job with a company that produces marijuana pills.

At the police academy, Shane is earning some extra cash by doing essays for his co-workers. Nice little scheme, yes?

Can the Botwin family stay legal in their new ventures?

Official Synopsis:

Nancy and Silas start a new, legit, and highly competitive job while Andy seeks employment at the local Jewish temple.


The show starts off with Nancy fixing some breakfast for Stevie when she finds that she is not appropriately dressed for work. She snags her sweater back from Jill when she learns that her sister is pregnant. She doesn’t appear to know what to make of the news and looks shocked.

At Smith Johnson Pharmaceutical, Nancy has been fast-tracked through the normal three-week orientation process and is assigned to make sales calls for Maritor immediately. Her mentor isn’t pleased that Nancy is already working on the marijuana pill and tells her that it’s not like she’ll be selling lipstick at Macy’s.

Meanwhile, Silas is busy in the grow room when a sycophant approaches him to see if he needs anything. He interrupts one of the other growers by getting in his “air” and Silas is told that it’s best not to talk at all…

Andy is trying to get a job with their neighbor, Rabbi David. He tries to sell himself on all of the qualities that he has and ends up spilling the beans on why he needs a job. He tells the Rabbi that he is going to be a father and getting a job has become of the utmost importance. The Rabbi recalls their conversation at the hospital and then asks if he’s going to marry the “sister of the sister-in-law.” Andy says yes after some quick consideration. The Rabbi asks if he likes kids and offers him a job working with them. He introduces himself as Moray Andy and opens up the floor for discussion. After being questioned about their previous teacher, Andy barricades the doors with chairs and grabs the flag in a defense stance.

Nancy is on her way to try and sell the Maritol when she sees a pregnant woman and wishes her luck. She walks into a doctor’s office carrying muffins and offers them up to the receptionist after introducing herself. The receptionist lauds Nancy for her selection in muffins, but rebuffs her efforts to speak with the doctor there. Nancy tries to get Dr. Cornish’s attention, but the receptionist cuts her off again and shuts the window in her face. She then pries open the window and snatches back all of the muffins and tells them all to learn how to treat people. She slides a bunch of pens into the window and tells everyone to have a nice day.

In the classroom, Andy is peering out of the shades. This worries the kids and he fakes like he’s protecting them from something. In the meantime, he wants them to read from the book of Kings. He tells them a story of how 42 kids were ripped to shreds by a pair of angry bears — all for teasing a bald guy. He finally gets in good with the kids and tells them that the Torah is not to be taken literally.

At the police academy, Shane meets Angela’s mother. Angela has been assigned to her father’s old precinct, the 13th. Meanwhile, Shane has to wait a year because of the age requirement, but is sure he can get some work as a security guard. It’s obvious that Angela’s mother does not approve of Shane.

Doug is at a charity auction at NASA when the bidding begins for a comb and scissors collection which belonged to Neil Armstrong. Doug decides to start bidding on a flight suit worn by Jim Weatherbee. He wins the auction and quickly puts the suit on before the auction lady is able to swipe his credit card. His credit card was declined, the lady has to seize it — and the suit.

Nancy is walking in the office building’s parking garage when she comes upon a Saab owned by Dr. Cornish. In the meantime, Doug is yelling at someone over their “snafu” with regard to his charity’s money being frozen. He was licensed by the state of Connecticut to operate a 60-bed facility for homeless people. She cites a lack of evidence that he is actually running said facility and informs him that an inquiry has been filed with the State’s Attorney’s Office. She tells him that his funds have been frozen pending their investigation. He tries to bribe her with his watch, but she slides it back to him with a pen and tells him that he has 48 hours to manifest a facility or he’ll be prosecuted for fraud.

In the parking garage, Nancy is waiting by the doctor’s car when he leaves for the day. She asks him for three minutes of his time and offers him Boston Market for lunch. She asks if she can count on him to recommend the drug to his next five cancer patients. The doctor then asks for her FDA approved indications after she starts telling him that the drug is effective for insomnia. She doesn’t know the answer, so he snatches her folder on Maritor. According to her documents, Maritor is approved for refractory nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing chemotherapy, so he tells her that is all she’s allowed to say. He tells her that she can’t sell off-label and what she just did was against the law. He tells her that she should find another job and that she doesn’t want to get mixed up with those people who are only out for profit. He babbles for a minute about that and she then asks how long he has for lunch. We then see the car bouncing with her high-heeled leg poking out of the window.

While Silas and his co-workers are waiting for a table, they scurry off to the bar leaving him waiting for a table. He gets approached by a woman who mistakes him for someone she went to school with. She flirts with him, but as it turns out, she is with the guy of whom Silas works. The guy tells Silas “strike two” as she leaves.

The Chief takes Shane to the NYPD impound lot for an intern job. The two guys then sit around reading a paper and Shane looks like he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do there.

At Smith Johnson Pharmaceutical, the head honcho tells Debby (the nasty co-worker from earlier) that Nancy landed Dr. Cornish. Nancy leaves over to her line of sight to brandish a huge fake smile and rub it in.

Nancy brings Jill a stuffed koala for the baby, but gets interrupted by all of the madness in the house. Shane walks in in his officer’s uniform and it’s the first time Nancy and the rest of the family think of him as a real cop. Silas walks in, demanding glasses for wine.

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