Weeds Recap: Season 8 Episode 11 ‘God Willing And The Creek Don’t Rise’

Weeds Recap: Season 8 Episode 11 'God Willing And The Creek Don't Rise'

Showtime’s “Weeds” is coming to an end and for Sunday night’s episode, titled “God Willing And The Creek Don’t Rise” it was a return to the Botwin’s roots. Nancy, Andy and Silas made their way back to where it all began. They ended up deciding to grow pot in their first home, Agrestic — now called Regrestic. How fitting.

Nancy talks to Conrad for her old MILF seeds, but he tries to blow her off. He tells her that he’s selling juice cleanses and is about to get married. We also see Lupita, who refers to Nancy as “bruja” and the “woman who stole her youth” (Ha!).

On last week’s show, Shane was pulled over in a stolen car with his cop girlfriend. This week, he was put between a rock and a hard place by Ouellette, who he was offered to rat out to save his own butt. He was bullied by two officers, but he wouldn’t bite on either. He didn’t want to rat Ouellette out for the impound lot “scam” and he didn’t want to be a part of being a cop if it meant that Internal Affairs would treat him like crap. He turned in his badge only to learn that he was being tested. Shane is all grown up and capable of making good decisions, we’re so proud of him.

In Regrestic, Andy is blathering on about Yael in an art museum, but Silas ends up running into his ex-girlfriend, Megan. He goes all out to convince her that she is his true love and even admitted to poking holes in their condoms so he wouldn’t lose her. They reconcile and she is set on moving to Connecticut to be with him.

Andy goes to see Yael, but she doesn’t remember him at all. After their meeting, he climbs on top of the rabbinical school and yells to everyone that “there is no plan” and scares away one kid. Poor Andy! His marriage didn’t work out and his plans with Yael didn’t pan out. What’s left for him?

Doug was left behind in Connecticut as a babysitter for Stevie and a bunch of homeless people. One of the guys tells Doug that he’s from the future and sees Doug as a great man. Doug being Doug, he takes it to heart and decides to start a cult/religion to further exploit tax money.

Nancy meets up with Guillermo in order to get permission to sell pot in his territory. He tells her that there is too much bad stuff between them to be able to move forward. He pulls out his gun when Conrad shows up with his gun drawn and points it at one of Guillermo’s goons. They all come to an agreement, once Nancy lays out the plan.

Later, at Conrad’s wedding, everyone there seems happy — except for Andy, who’s sitting alone and Nancy, who can’t seem to get a drink to save her life. They go outside for a walk together when they happen upon the spot where Judah died. This is where it all truly began. Andy admits to being lost all of this time — and he’s still lost. He calls her out for playing games with him and not releasing him. He tells her, “You were all I wanted, and you never wanted me.”

In an effort to keep him by her side, Nancy and Andy have a quick, rough hookup on the lawn. Afterward, he pushes her away and leaves her sitting on the lawn. She calls after him, but he doesn’t turn back.

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