Weeds Recap: Season 8 Episode 5 ‘Red In Tooth And Claw’ 7/29/12

Weeds Recap: Season 8 Episode 5 'Red In Tooth And Claw' 7/29/12

Sunday night on Showtime was an all new episode of the hit show “Weeds” titled “Red In Tooth And Claw”. So far, we have learned the identity of Nancy’s shooter and Shane had him arrested. Andy has been hooking up with Jill and even prevented her reconciliation with her husband. Silas has turned all Christian Grey with his girlfriend and Shane introduces his police academy girlfriend to the family.

The show opens tonight with Nancy reading and eating in bed when she hears a gun shot. She goes to see Doug who says it’s the Russians next door. They are cutting down all of the trees on their property.

Meanwhile, Jill has turned into an extreme couponer. Nancy tells her to go back to screwing Andy and Jill tells her that Doug’s money is all tied up in the fake charity and that they have no money. Nancy tells her that Stevie should be playing soccer instead of watching it.

The twins tell Nancy that Kiku called and asked if the bullet made her a “lesbo”. She yells into the other room for Stevie to get ready and that they’re going to sign him up for soccer. Meanwhile, Andy and Shane are talking about whether or not Angela likes him. Shane doesn’t know, but Andy tells him that if she liked him she would point her pelvis at him. He tells Shane that we’re all like animals, red in tooth and claw. He looks outside at Silas and his pal and their operation. Silas asks Andy how aunt Jill is in the sack, to which Andy responds, “You are so broken.”

Silas asks Shane if he had a sleepover with R.J., to which Silas responds that they were working. They go back and forth, bickering like regular brothers. Andy is on his way to the derby track while the brothers look on to the Russian who is demolishing the trees outside. He waves at them and they wave back, commenting that they’re ruining the neighborhood.

Nancy is trying to get Stevie into soccer, but the coach, Gordon, says that the teams already have enough members. She asks him not to punish her son for her sister’s screw up. He tells her that that’s just what they tell people and that slots on the teams usually go to those who make sizable donations. She takes her cell phone out to take pictures and tells him that she’s got it and that this is a whites only league. He denies that, but when she threatens to go to the local newspaper, he caves.

Shane and Angela are going through police academy training when he asks her to go out later on that night. They shoot all of the targets and she agrees to go out with him.

At the derby track, Andy is there and there is a naked blonde skater there. He says that naked women appear to him because he earned it and it’s karma. He babbles about it for a while, but she tells him that if he can catch her, he can have sex with her.

At the park, Nancy is talking to another parent about his kid. The other parents are all coaching their kids when Stevie schools them all. One of the dads calls him a “housekeeper’s kid” and he goes to Gordon to have Stevie stop making their kids look like crap. Gordon makes Stevie a goalie to satisfy the other parents. The dads say that Stevie has an unnatural advantage and they’re practically born kicking a soccer ball “down there”. The angry father is the owner of the newspaper, so Nancy is forced to make a donation.

R.J. and Silas are talking about the grow business. R.J. says that they are artisans who don’t advertise on the internet. Silas tells R.J. that his brother is giving him crap, calling them gay. R.J. says that every man should do it and it’s like getting in touch with your essential maleness. He says that it’s hard to get a girl to do it and afterward they don’t have to talk. He offered oral sex, but Silas makes an excuse to get out of there as quickly as he can.

At the roller rink, the blonde tells him that Andy never shuts up about the women in his life. She wanted someone to talk about her like he does with Jill and Nancy. Her girlfriend is out and her Tivo is out of order.

Nancy visits Kiku and asks her to buy her out because soccer costs a lot of money. Kiku has three stooges with her who came to deliver. One of the guys whispers to Nancy that she needs to get him out of there. Nancy tells Kiku to estimate what her half of the business is and to bring it over. The brother tells her to please take him with her. Nancy grabs Stevie and leaves.

On their double date, Shane and Angela are spending time with Detective Ouelette and his lady friend. He’s blathering on about Obama and sexual harassment. He tells Angela that she needs to back off on that Obama crap. He gets angry about Obama, but Angela doesn’t seem to mind as she really likes Shane.

At the house, Andy goes to talk to Jill. She’s talking about extreme couponing. She is trying to fill a hole in her heart with extraordinary savings and then tells him that she missed him. She kisses him and starts to go down on him and asks what the marks are. He confesses to sleeping with the roller derby chick and she has piercings which caused the marks. She wanted to reconcile, but is miffed that he only waited for three days to sleep with someone after they broke up.

To get back at him, Jill is hooking up with Doug while she’s babbling on about Andy. Meanwhile, Kiku shows up to the house and Nancy is happy that she brought her money. Kiku tells her that until she met Nancy, her life was perfect. Nancy tells her that she’s sorry, but says that she wants out and to keep her kid in soccer. Kiku says that Doug and his company skimmed the money and there isn’t any. So, she leaves her with a giant bag of weed and tells her goodbye.

Shane and Angela are talking outside and he apologizes for bringing her into this. She’s trying to overhear the sex that the detective is having with his lady friend. He checks her pupils and she says that he can’t tell if she likes him. He shakes his head no and asks if he didn’t blow it by bringing her there. She tells him that she grew up with cops, so she’s used to all of this.

Meanwhile, Nancy is swimming in her neighbor’s pool again. He’s standing behind her. It’s Rabbi David. He offers her a towel because he could see that she didn’t bring one. She offers to explain, but he says that someone should get some use out of the pool. He says that it should be good for rehab and that he sometimes works at the hospital. She tells him that she used to have a pool. She gets out of the pool and he covers her with the towel. She tells him that she sees him up there watching her and he says that she is in his back yard. She tries to kiss him, but he tells her that he’s a Rabbi.

She says that every time she gets out of his pool, she says that she has this thing where she feels like she’s going to emerge as a different person. He says it’s like a baptism, but unlike baptism, you get endless chances to be new. She thought she was new, but maybe it was the vicodin. She tells him that she can’t keep making the same choices, to which he says “Then don’t.”

Silas goes to the grow house to find that the place has been cleared out. He confronts Shane about what he did with his plants, but Shane says that he just got back from his date. Shane tells him to ask his weirdo friend. That’s when Andy comes out, then Doug and Jill emerge from Doug’s room half dressed. Andy calls him a codebreaker, but Doug says he didn’t mean to. Jill goes back in with Doug and says that she guesses they’re even.

Silas goes to the store to confront R.J. about his plants. R.J. is banged up because he can feel things again after asking some dude to punch him in the face and he went overboard. Silas asks him if he’s on drugs, but he says that his parents were drugging him since he was thirteen. He says that he’s done wearing their blinders. He says that he thought Silas was different, but as it turns out, he’s an oaf and has no imagination. He sees the drugs as “merch” to push, but he feels it’s alive and ancient and that it knows things. “The plants pick you, but you have to be ready”. He says, “You control them or they control you”. He goes on to tell Silas that he doesn’t understand the gift he has and he doesn’t understand the plants. They take you down and it would end badly for him. Silas couldn’t see it, but he did.

Meanwhile, Nancy takes Kiku’s bag of weed to the neighbor’s wood chipper. R.J. tells Silas that the plants are all gone and Silas can thank him or don’t, but he doesn’t need him anymore. Nancy throws her cane into the wood chipper and walks away smiling.

What did you think of this episode of the show? Is Nancy a changed woman? How will she get the money to make that donation so that Stevie can remain in soccer?

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