Weeds Season 7 Season Premiere Episode 1 Recap – ‘Bags’

Weeds Season 7 Episode 1 Recap - 'Bags'

The seventh season of Weeds made its premiere last night on Showtime. It’s been three years since the last episode where Nancy was confronted by cops, after sending her family off to Sweden. She confessed to murdering Pilar and has since been released to a halfway house. She also learns that Esteban has been killed in prison. Ugh.

During some free time from the halfway house, she makes her way to an internet cafe to Skype with Jill, who’s been taking care of Stevie. Apparently Jill has been taking this guardianship thing too far, because Stevie addressed Nancy as “Aunt Nancy”.

Upon hearing that Nancy was out, all of her family, except for Silas, decides to leave their lives in Copenhagen to see her. Silas has gotten a job as a model and decides to stay.

Shane has been hooking up with a much older girlfriend, but he’s happy to hear that his mom has been released and buys tickets for everyone to return to the States, minus Silas. Andy has been busy as a tour guide and is running for office.

During her time in prison, Nancy was hooking up with a woman named Zoya. She gives Nancy a going away gift, which apparently turned out to be a suitcase full of weapons.

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