Weeds Series Finale Recap: ‘It’s Time’

Weeds Series Finale Recap: 'It's Time'

The series finale of Showtime’s hit show “Weeds” happened on Sunday and it wrapped everything up in nice “little boxes” for everyone. Or did it?

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains obvious spoilers for the series finale of “Weeds”. If you do not with to be spoiled, please turn away now. Otherwise, don’t say you weren’t warned! Click “Read More” to read on!

The show did a fast-forward into the future eight years and little Stevie is already gearing up for his Bar Mitzvah. Nancy had apparently married Rabbi David Bloom and he adopted Stevie. The thing is, after Stevie learned that his father was a Mexican gangster (thanks to Guillermo), he renounced his religion and wanted to go to boarding school.

It’s an epic scene in the future with all of the characters and their new techie cellphones and gadgets. As planned, Nancy used the seed money from the southern guy to start up her own chain of legal marijuana stores. The guy whom she got the money got a stake in the company, along with Nancy’s 51 percent share with Silas, Andy and Doug.

Speaking of Doug, he is now referred to as Guru Doug. He has apparently founded his own religion of sorts and has women catering to his every need. He has his son Josh kidnapped, but he doesn’t want anything to do with him. After being kidnapped again, Doug apologizes for screwing up and admits to his own homosexual encounter. They make up and all is well, even without Doug having to purchase a condo for his son.

Silas and Megan are happy in their lives and have a daughter together named Flora. Megan still doesn’t like Nancy, but won’t give any reasonable reason. Silas can’t make Megan like his mother and doesn’t even want to try.

Shane is a royal mess, boozing it up left and right. He’s taking after Detective Ouellette, who has since retired and resorted to drinking his troubles away and banging hookers. When Nancy and Shane go to pick up Stevie’s cake, Shane ends up shooting it when he learns that the lady behind the counter wants to charge to decorate it for Stevie’s party. That was enough for Nancy to encourage Shane to get help. He starts by offering to ditch Tiffany, but that’s not enough. Nancy wants more from Shane, so he says that he will seek therapy. Still unsatisfied, Nancy tells him that she wants more. He offers to get help from a rehab facility that Ouellette used. She tells him that he cannot go anywhere Ouellette has been and he agrees that he’s ready.

All the while during the party, Nancy has asked if Andy will be there. Silas said that Andy had RSVP’d and would be there for dinner. Silas informs Nancy that Andy has a daughter named Leni and is happy in his own life.

After the party, Andy shows up the next day and is cooking for everyone. After the party, Nancy makes a play to give Andy a stake in the company if he would only come back. That’s not going to work for Andy, who is happy now. She offers to give him the whole company, but he won’t budge. She then offers to move to Andy’s place in Ren Mar, but he doesn’t want to live there. He tells her to basically forge ahead and make her own life for herself.

At the end of the show, Nancy is outside on the steps of her house alone in the freezing cold. One by one, she is joined by Silas, Shane, Doug and finally Andy as they share a joint and smile.

What did you think of the ending? Did they do the show justice by its ending? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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