Weeds Series Finale: What’s Next?

Weeds Series Finale: What's Next?

Showtime’s “Weeds” will be at its end on Sunday, September 16th, ending a 102 episode run for the show. It’s been a long and wild ride for the Botwin family and we’re hoping both parts of “It’s Time” will not disappoint. On Sunday’s episode, we saw Nancy, Silas and Andy Botwin in Regrestic (formerly known as Agrestic), returning to their roots to try and start over with their business. They greeted some old, familiar faces, including Guillermo, Lupita and Conrad — even though the former was not happy to meet up with Nancy’s joking face.

Silas is back together with Megan and Doug is at a crossroads with his cult-like religious scam. Ouellette was messing with Shane to see if he would get ratted out by the younger Botwin. Meanwhile, Nancy and Andy find themselves in the very spot where Judah died. It was an emotional scene in which Andy tells Nancy that she is all he has ever wanted. They end up having sex, but afterward, he pushes her away. So what’s next for the hour-long series finale? Here are some predictions:

Silas is happy with Megan and they remain together, despite her parents’ objections. Shane joins the force as a full-time officer and has his happy life with his girlfriend. Doug decides to put some real effort into his latest venture, thus going legit. (Hey, it could happen!)

As for Nancy and Andy, it’s really hard to say because there is so much water under that bridge. He spent eight years longing for his dead brother’s wife and when she finally gives in, he realizes she’s toxic and leaves. We want Andy to be happy, obviously, but is Nancy going to be able to do that for him?

Will Nancy chase him down and profess her love for him? Or will she end up with Rabbi Dave? All of our questions and more will be answered when the show makes its series premiere this Sunday. Will you be watching?

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