Weeds TV Recap: Season 8 Episode 6 ‘Allosaurus Crush Castle’

Weeds TV Recap: Season 8 Episode 6 'Allosaurus Crush Castle'

Last week on Showtime’s “Weeds”, we were left with Jill thinking she is pregnant and not knowing who the father is. It is between Andy and Doug, as she slept with both of them in a short amount of time. In addition, Silas was ripped off by R.J., who tried to explain to him that he didn’t understand the plants. Nancy gets Stevie into soccer by trying to pin racist claims on the coach, but gets shaken down for a donation after she can no longer run to the newspapers with her story. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our fully detailed recap here.

Weeds: Season 8 Episode 6 “Allosaurus Crush Castle” TV Recap

Synopsis: Nancy goes looking for a job, while Jill reveals some big news to Andy and Doug. Silas tries to track down his stolen plants. And Shane fabricates an ingenious plan to score some extra spending money at the police academy.


The show opens with Nancy on a job interview, telling her prospective employer that she’s open and wants to work. He comments on how she got shot in the head and that he couldn’t see where the bullet entered. She tells him that she needs a job. He basically tells her that he only took the appointment with her because he was curious about the article about her in the paper.

Jill confirms to Andy that she is pregnant and she guesses that it’s not Doug’s baby. Meanwhile, Nancy goes to Stevie’s soccer game and notices some suspicious things changing hands (money for drugs?). She learns that the guy doing the exchanges is actually giving the guys legal drugs.

Silas finds R.J. to hit him up for the location of his plants. R.J. tells him that the plants are at his parent’s house and Silas asks him for the address. R.J. says that his parents will freak out if one of his drug friends come over.

Shane and Angela are comparing test scores at the Police Academy Training class when she tells him that he should just take her out. Because most of the class underscored on the test, the instructor is making all of the classmates write up an essay on why they want to be cops. Shane offers to do essays for two of the guys for $100 each so they can spend more time with bobbleheads and BW3’s.

At the soccer game, Nancy tells the pharmaceutical dad that everyone hates her because Stevie is so good. He says that everyone hates him because his son is so bad and that’s why he passes out the free samples to the guys. The guy tells her that his son Kyle needs a friend to have sleepovers with and that he hasn’t had a night to himself with his wife for three years. He offers to recommend her for a job as a sales rep for one sleepover. Nancy agrees and the guy says he’s going to hit the liquor store on the way home.

Andy and Doug are talking, to which Doug admits to sleeping with Jill. Andy tells him that she might be pregnant and that it’s probably not his. Doug offers to play a game of pool to see whose kid it is, but Andy says that would take a crystal ball. Doug says they should play to see who takes it all on, but Andy says that they don’t even know if she’s pregnant yet. Jill overhears and walks in and says she knows and leaves the room with the positive pregnancy test on the pool table.

Silas is sneaking around R.J.’s parents’ house for a key to the front door. Silas walks in to the place and it’s a surprise birthday party. The ladies there think he’s a stripper and make him start dancing for the birthday girl.

Nancy is keeping an eye on Kyle, but he’s not getting along well with Stevie. Stevie hits Kyle with a toy and Kyle threatens to call his dad. Meanwhile, both Andy and Doug are contemplating fatherhood.

At the house, Kyle is threatening the phone call to his dad and tells Nancy that his dad will hate her. She threatens to microwave his allosaurus. Nancy lectures him on having friends and to forget girls if he keeps on acting this way. She tries her pep talk with Kyle, but when it doesn’t work, she pawns him off on Shane.

Silas tells Nancy of his plan to sneak into R.J.’s parents’ house to get his plants back. He tells her that he was a burglar, but he turned into a stripper for a woman named Tracy who just turned fifty. She is upset that he got robbed and didn’t say anything. She tells him that he’s good at growing, but maybe the business side is not his forte. He tells her that he’s going to try to salvage some seeds or learn his dance moves because he’s hot.

Shane, Kyle and Stevie are playing “occupy hallway” with some silly string, a sign and a video camera. At the officer’s training class, the instructor busts Shane for doing two other essays besides his own. The instructor tells him to fork over the money he earned and they can forget all about that. Shane asks if they can work something out because that’s likely not the last assignment he’s going to give.

Nancy goes to see Kyle’s dad and he has already made the call for her a sales job. They run down the list of pharmaceuticals that his company makes and they are trying to sell synthetic marijuana. She obviously sees opportunity with the Maritor AKA “the pot pill”.

Jill is talking to Andy about going to the doctor and he’s ready to have a baby with her. She’s worried that it might be Doug’s, but he says that they will “cross that moat” later. He says that he’s ready to be Father Andy and not just uncle Andy or brother Andy. She is happy, but tells him to get a job.

Kyle’s father has hired both Nancy and Silas for a sales job at his company. They go into a room where there are numerous people growing marijuana and they both look super excited.

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