Weekly Hater Commentary – Paris Hilton Goes to Jail

Well, in a completely unexpected fashion, skanky socialite and pseudo-celebrity Paris “tramp” Hilton was arrested Friday night in Las Vegas. For, of all things, COCAINE POSSESSION!


HA! Fucking twat!

TMZ.com reported that a car that Hilton was traveling in, was pulled over outside the Wynn hotel in Vegas, and the driver was to be charged with drug related DUI. And as she was pulling of ALL things lip balm out of her purse, out popped a baggie of COCAINE!

Totally laughable.

She ingeniously thought up the excuse that it wasn’t hers. So of course, the cops bought her story and set her free…. not so much!

She was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, and released.

When will idiots like her get a clue? I guess they will do anything to make the news…

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