Were People Afraid To Have A Gay American Idol Winner?

With all of the fuss surrounding the season finale of “American Idol”, it seemed that Adam Lambert was a total shoe-in for the crown.

He had/has fans left and right, people were cheering for him in droves. They just KNEW he was going to win it all tonight. He even had Katy Perry showing her bias for him on the show, by wearing her faux Elvis outfit with his name emblazoned on the back.

After it’s all said and done, Kris Allen is the winner of the show. But why? Was it that he had the better talent? Was it that he did THE BEST job of the entire series?

Even Simon Cowell commented recently that the Idol finale should consist of Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert primarily because Kris couldn’t compete with the likes of Adam.

Anyone I’ve talked to said that Adam was in a class all of his own. He was the winner, in everybody’s minds before the finale even aired. My question is, was Adam not chosen because he’s gay? I only ask that because I really can’t think of another reason why he would’ve been passed over for the crown. It surely wasn’t because he’s not good enough. To say that people are in shock over the results of the show would be an understatement.

What do you think?

On a side note, I think both of the guys did an excellent job on the show. This is basically just for discussion as to your opinions on what happened on tonight’s show.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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