Whitney Houston Could Have Been Saved?

Whitney Houston Could Have Been Saved?

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly reveals that fallen songbird Whitney Houston could have been saved. Was she determined to head to rehab to cure her demons right before her death?

Whitney tragically passed away on February 11th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. She was only 48. She had battled her demons for a long time, but was obviously on a downward spiral, if our sources are correct. She had been drinking quite a bit leading up to her untimely passing. She was said to have taken Xanax before her performance that night at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammys party. She did the same with any performance. In the room, a photo of the scene shows that she was drinking a beer and some champagne.

Was Whitney really readying herself to check into rehab just days before she died? According to the tabloid, Whitney told her mother Cissy Houston that she would agree to go back into rehab, but wanted to enjoy herself one last time.

What do you think happened? Was this just a tragic accident? Did Whitney almost save her own life by entering into rehab? We may never know the answers and it’s just a sad situation and a profound loss.

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