Whitney Houston’s Murder Cover Up?!?

Whitney Houston's Murder Cover Up?!?

Globe magazine has an interesting and somewhat disrespectful take on the death of Whitney Houston. The tabloid is calling her death a cover up by drug dealers! Like it wasn’t bad enough that Nancy Grace suggested that perhaps someone was in her hotel room with Whitney and “let” her go under “her water”. We surely believe that the magazine would have done better to just pay homage to Whitney, but instead they’ve got her indebted to drug dealers for $1.5 million and offed by a hit man.

From their report:

Pop superstar Whitney Houston was murdered by drug dealers because she owed them a whopping $1.5 million! That’s the chilling scenario cops should be probing, say experts. Learn how the crime was carried out and why it’s being covered up – only in this week’s GLOBE.

Also featured in this issue is monster dad Josh Powell apparently confessing to someone about the location of his wife Susan’s body. In addition, the tabloid also claims to have photos of Joan Rivers getting high in the parking lot of her reality show:

Comic Joan Rivers has triggered cries of outrage by getting stoned on medical marijuana in a parked car for her reality show. The motor-mouthed funnygal was so wrecked, she couldn’t even drive. Read what critics are calling the 78-year-old Joan’s antics and see stunning photos of Joan actually getting high – all in this issue of GLOBE.

And just why is that an outrage?

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