Why Jennifer Lopez Broke Down Crying In Concert

Why Jennifer Lopez Broke Down Crying In Concert

On Saturday night, Jennifer Lopez sang her hit song, If You Had My Love, followed by Until It Beats No More. The dancers highlighted some of her more famous relationships in their performance. Afterward, Jennifer broke down on stage, crying.

Why, you might wonder?

A source close to Jennifer said, “It was the Marc part of the montage which choked her up. She can’t help but feel sad over the loss of a marriage that went on for so long. She’s emotional about the whole thing still.”

The source went on to reveal, “Part of her dislikes him so much. But another part still loves him in a way, he’s the father of her children. It’s confusing. She’s going through a whole array of emotions right now.”

Lately, the singer has been dating Bradley Cooper, which we’re guessing complicates things. He’s hot, so we won’t begrudge her that.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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