Why Paris Hilton wasn’t invited to Nicole Richie’s wedding

Why Paris Hilton wasn't invited to Nicole Richie's wedding

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden got married on Saturday night at her father’s estate in Beverly Hills. The guest list had 150 people on it, but not Paris Hilton, even though they grew up together.

Paris’ name was said to be left off of the guest list because of Paris’ recent shenanigans. Her cocaine bust just proved that she was the same party girl that she always was.

A source said that there’s another reason behind the snub. The snitch said, “Nicole knew very well that having Paris involved would have inevitably turned a special night into being about their friendship. Nicole’s life is completely different now.”

A pal of Paris’ said that she’s not too worried about it, adding, “She and Nicole aren’t close anymore, but there are no hard feelings there. They just grew up and apart.”

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