Why We’ll Fork Over $15.00 to Hear Britney’s New CD in 2007

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Why We’ll Fork Over $15.00 to Hear Britney’s New CD in 2007

Within the past year, Ms. Spears has separated from her husband, Kevin Federline, and has been seen prancing about the town with hotel heiress, Paris Hilton. Not to mention, showing her pieces-parts on no less than four occasions.

When I think of Britney, I still got that young “Oops, I did it again” idea in my head. My seven-year old, Justin, can’t get enough of her. He got sucked into her whole persona and it doesn’t help that he thinks she’s cute. I can’t bring myself to shattering that thought by revealing that she’s a party-hard mother of two, who looks like she’s always drunk, and shows her goodies to the world, regularly.

We all got involved in the Britney/K-Fed drama when she married Kevin. I read about him leaving Shar Jackson, who was pregnant at the time, to be with Britney, and thought, “Who does that?” Britney is a home-wrecker, and therein lies the beginning of the drama. The hatred for Kevin grew bigger than our dislike for Britney’s misgivings. Kevin tried to play the “I’m a big superstar because I’m married to one” meal-ticket idea and rode Britney’s coattails, while she remained silent and supportive. She promoted his album by doing giveaways and he’s in the foreground rapping about how much one earring costs more than your salary for the year.

Britney generated sympathy from her fan base by this abuse of her goodwill and supportiveness. We were left thinking how much we despise Kevin, how much of a leech he is, and how she should part ways with him. When Britney finally did leave Kevin, we thought, “Finally, his fifteen minutes are up”, and we were happy for her.

Fast forward to now, Britney has recently been seen toying about town with Paris Hilton, in Lindsay Lohan-like apparel, smoking like a freight-train, and showing off her nether-regions to anyone with internet access. Her fans are left with a bad taste in their mouths, not liking the idea that Ms. Hilton is taking “our” Britney and turning her into a carbon-copy of herself. After all, we’ve watched Britney grow from a school-girl to a woman.

Apparently, someone “in the know” has told Britney that in order to make another successful CD, she has to stay away from Paris. She puts up an apology on her website and mum is the word until her CD drops. What we want to know now is if K-Fed influenced the vibe on the CD. Will she write about heartbreak, heartache, or feeling free now that she’s away from him? Will it be about vindication? Or, none of the above? The truth is, we don’t know and we’ll be drawn like moths to a flame when her CD comes out, just to find out.

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