Will Haley Reinhart Get Voted Off Of ‘American Idol’?

Will Haley Reinhart Get Voted Off Of 'American Idol'?

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Last night, twenty-year-old singer Haley Reinhart failed to impress the American Idol judges with her version of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song. Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson weren’t feeling the song at all and commented that at times, she was screaming. Randy said that she didn’t have the chops to sing a song by the King Of Pop. Steven was impressed, but we think that he was more impressed with her choice of attire.

I can’t say that I was all that impressed with her MJ cover. She really was screaming, but it seemed like the judges were being overly critical of her. They pushed and pushed and in the second round, for their Leiber & Stoller song choices, she came back with I (Who Have Nothing) by Ben E. King.

The song got more positive feedback from the judges, along with the audience. Jennifer said that they can’t take it easy on Haley due to what she is capable of. Randy commented that she had her moment and that she’s “in it to win it”. Steven is sure that Haley will be part of the top three, but we’re not so sure.

Behind the scenes, Haley was still upset over the first round critique from the judging panel. She said, “Yeah I’m mad. Everybody else gets good feedback and they really let me have it. They don’t feel bad for me. Never have, never will. I got a little upset because that song is downright inspiring and emotional. No matter what, that hit me to the heart.”

Haley isn’t backing down either. She said, “I’m not gonna crack. As much as they might want me to or try to, I’m not going to. And I think they know that I can be very strong and willed and everything else, and that’s why they give it to me. I take that in stride, I realize it and accept it.”

Will Haley get voted off the show in tonight’s elimination???

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