Will James Durbin Prove To Be The Next ‘American Idol’ Winner?

Will James Durbin Prove To Be The Next 'American Idol' Winner?

James Durbin is versatile, there’s no doubt about that. On American Idol last night, he started off with Journey’s song, Don’t Stop Believin’, much to the judge’s delight.

Randy said that he covered one of the songs from the greatest rock band ever. The judges seemed very pleased with the song choice and touted James’ singing abilities. As a big Journey fan, I wasn’t that impressed with his version of the song. However, it proved that he can change it up with the best of them.

As far as the songs from the Leiber & Stoller songbook, he gave a different take on Love Potion No. 9. While Lady Gaga mentored the budding singer, she got up behind him and made him shake his hips. During his performance, he brought the song alive with his rock version. We saw a twinkle of Adam Lambert in his performance, which was surprisingly nice.

Jennifer commented that the song just proved that he really can just sing anything. Steven and Randy ate up the performance, and the crowd loved it.

Does James Durbin have the chops and versatility to become the next winner of American Idol? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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