Willow Palin: Pregnant?

Sarah Palin’s sixteen-year-old daughter Willow just might be pregnant, according to the National Enquirer.

They report:

SARAH PALIN has ANOTHER teen pregnancy scandal on her hands – and this time it’s BRISTOL’’s younger sister WILLOW! The former Alaska governor recently flipped out after learning that her 16-year-old daughter Willow was not only having sex, but feared she might be pregnant by her 18-year-old boyfriend, sources told The ENQUIRER.

“Sarah was shocked,” a close source divulged. “She felt like she was reliving a nightmare!”

According to the source, Willow began to panic when her period was a week late.

“She went out and bought a home pregnancy test and was on pins and needles,” divulged the source.

Wow, that just doesn’t bode well for Sarah’s parenting skills, now does it?

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