WTF? Aerosmith is still splitting up?

WTF? Aerosmith is still splitting up?Now I’m confused.

Joe Perry and Brad Whitford said that they would be looking for a new singer for Aerosmith, since they thought Steven Tyler had quit the band. Even more recently, Steven performed “Walk This Way” with the Joe Perry Project and gave the proclamation that he’s “the rainbow” and that he’s not leaving the band.

Fast forward to today, where Joe is saying that he’s not convinced Steven is still with the band. Joe said that even though Steven made an appearance, he left right afterward without speaking to anyone. Joe seems like a little girl here, doesn’t he? It’s like he’s waiting by the phone for HIM to call. Jesus, dude, pick up a phone, send a text, tweet him, skywrite that crap, do something. But, please, never whine.

Joe says, “There was all this commotion during our encore break and somebody said, ‘Steven is here.’ I was like, ‘What?’ So he came up and sang and that was the last I saw of him.”

Joe and the guys are still considering taking a break without Steven.(!) He added, “He wants to take two years off from the band. The rest of the band wants to keep on working. We have so many different options to fill up that time. Anything is possible at this point.”

Fans will be lost while you guys search for your new frontman and still call the band Aerosmith. Trust.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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