YouTubers Protest DiddyTV & Burger King

This announcement came from MTV News:

In a recent clip posted on YouTube, Diddy makes a trip to Burger King, proclaiming himself “the king of music and fashion” while he orders a Whopper “my way,” complete with onions, cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, and salt and pepper.

So, Burger King has declared him the “king of music and fashion”, eh? Here’s what some Youtubers had to say:
“First YouTube sell to Google…now this-a no-talent asshole advertise a no-taste restuarant. Just goes to show; everything, including freedom, can be bought. ”

“What a dick”

“Buy a channel on youtube ….that’s how smart we are”

Diddy has his own short url on YouTube, as well:

So, Diddy is now promoting his album “Press Play” to the masses. Being a role model to the black community and joining forces with Burger King, leaves a lot to be desired. He must want a lot of fat, whopper munching people to be sitting around listening to his music. Who gave BK the power to deem him the king of anything, anyways?

You’re the spokesperson for a fast food joint??!?? Come on!

Lisa Nova had this crap right:
“When you put Lisa Nova and a fruit stand together – You gotta do it big!”


Verdict: Diddy, your fifteen minutes are up. Turn in your American Express Black card and back to the hole you crawled out of. Did anyone else notice that his new album has a bunch of other singers, who actually have talent?!??

Press Stop on October 17th!

Update by Editor:Even his earlier stuff wasn’t written by him. What a talentless hack.

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