Zac Efron Denies Rihanna Dating Rumors

Zac Efron Denies Rihanna Dating Rumors

“Star” magazine made the claim that Zac Efron was hooking up with Rihanna. A little bit far-fetched, don’t you think? We do! Especially after this denial!

Reps for Efron and Fenty are denying all of the reports that they are getting together. Reportedly, Efron was pretty desperate to ditch his clean-cut image. If that’s the case, then he sure did a pretty good job of that when he dropped a condom on the red carpet at the premiere of “The Lorax”.

A source told the tabloid, “Rihanna called his room right away and they had a sweet conversation. Zac suggested that they get together when they’re both in L.A. and she said, ‘Absolutely!’ Zac’s sick of his good-guy image. He wants to cut loose and have some fun – and he thinks Rihanna is the perfect girl for that.”

While that is true, the singer does like to keep her bad girl image fresh in everyone’s minds. Still — it doesn’t mean that the rumors of a hookup between the pair are true.

“Gossip Cop” talked to Fenty’s rep who called the reports “inaccurate”, along with Efron’s rep who said plainly that the story is “false”.

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