Zac Efron Overdoses On ‘Hillbilly Heroin’ On National Enquirer’s Cover

Zac Efron Overdoses On 'Hillbilly Heroin' On National Enquirer's Cover

Lisa Marie Presley covers the latest issue of the National Enquirer, but Zac Efron’s overdose is the featured story this week. Did Lisa Marie’s lies ultimately kill her ex-husband Michael Jackson? Is that really a photo of Zac Efron passed out after overdosing on drugs? All of these answers and more are featured in this week’s issue of the tabloid.

From the magazine’s report:

And an eyewitness gives The ENQUIRER a blow-by-blow account of the drug-fueled all-night bash that raged on in a New York hotel suite until the 25-year-old actor had to be revived by other partiers.

“I was scared for him,” said the eyewitness. “My worst fear was that he’d died from an overdose.”

Zac – who shot to fame in the “High School Musical” TV movies – recently made headlines when it was revealed that he’d completed a stint in rehab reportedly due to a cocaine addiction.

But our source says that earlier this year, Zac collapsed after snorting too much oxycodone, a commonly-abused painkiller known as “hillbilly heroin” on the street.

Efron’s close call echoes the sad fate of “Glee” star Corey Montieth, who died of a heroin and alcohol overdose in July, and it prompted the source to declare: “If Zac doesn’t clean himself up, he’ll be Hollywood’s next big drug tragedy.”

Let’s hope that Zac is not the next big drug tragedy! Hopefully he has gotten all of the help that he needs before it has gotten too far out of control. Fingers crossed!

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