Zack Snyder’s Crappy Superman Remake

So Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) thinks that he’s up to the task of bringing back the Man of Steel in all his glory. Yeah, I don’t think so.

First they cast some douchebag (Henry Cavill) in a role that CLEARLY should have gone to Tom Welling, then it’s announced that Lois Lane will have a minor part to play, if any.

Now it’s being rumored that the female lead in the film will be none other than Kryptonian psycho Zod follower Ursa? What the fuck are you doing dude?

I realize that the cool thing to do in Hollywood is make super-hero films and shit, like The Avengers, Batman, Xmen and shit… but don’t fuck with the man in the red cape, k?

If Tim Burton’s Superman starring Nicolas Cage didn’t make it past the 6 minutes of footage shot which wasted $30,000 of the studios cash, why on earth would a pansy ass Brit in the suit fair any better?

If they do use Lois’s character, they’ll probably hire someone ridiculous like Kate Bosworth again.

So, no Lex Luthor, no Zod, minimal Lois…hmm. Not Superman. Nope, they’ve already fucked themselves. This film will not fly. At least not for long. I smell another failure.

Fire that Cavill douche, hire on Tom Welling, add Erica Durance in there for good measure. Fuck it, just scrap this garbage altogether and just make a Smallville movie.

At least that way the studio would be guaranteed a hit. Dumbfucks.

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