Zack Taylor to be sued over Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato hook up story?

Canadian blogger Zack Taylor published an exclusive story on August 11th, titled, “DEMI LOVATO AND JOE JONAS ARE FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS?!” The story was picked up by everybody and their mother, including us, which prompted Joe’s team to go on the attack.

According to TMZ, Joe’s attorney has issued a letter to Zack, demanding the removal of the post itself. The letter basically states that the post is false, defamatory and offensive. The letter also states that if this post and any other defamatory posts on the Jonas brothers aren’t removed, a lawsuit will follow.

The major kerfuffle in this story is because she’s still a minor at the age of 17, while he’s 20. What do you think of the situation? Do you think the posts should be removed?

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